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Call us on 00 44 (0)7515995137 if we don’t answer we will call you back within the hour. We are always working so no office opening hours. We appreciate that our clients and your candidates need to contact us when it is convenient for them so we make ourselves available.

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About us

We recruit the best people for you.

It has always been important to have candidates to fill roles who truly want to work for your organisation, not just there to fill a space. So we believe if the role is appropriately advertised then candidates have an option to apply rather than being held on a data base and contacted if something comes up!

How often have you been left without any contact from agency or organisation wondering if we are wanted? We won’t do this, all your candidates belong to you we just give them the best possible experience and through screening before they meet you so HR or your Line Managers are not wasting time seeing unsuitable candidates. We are your in-house outsourced partner for recruitment.


You pay for the job boards or social media, we agree a tight time scale for short list and ensure your EVP (employee value proposition) is held in the highest regard. We act as a true extension of your organisation, by understanding its values and making them our own while working with you.

Victoria Phillpot - Director I have been in recruitment for 30 years, during the past 10 years I've had the opportunity to recruit in house in diverse organisations as interim Head of Resourcing and Talent. Due to experience and an in-depth understanding of the Client Company, my success rate at short list to offer is phenomenal in all categories and at all levels. Now wanting to continue recruiting as I just love this part of the role, and so set up Elmley Associates. Read more about her on LinkedIn.

We believe it will be a win win situation for us all - effective, rapid response, providing quality successful candidates at a reasonable cost.

What we do for you

Firstly we take a face to face brief to fully understand your requirements-spending time getting to know you, your line managers and organisation-there is no charge for this. We can assist with advice on the best way to recruit for specialist roles.

We can be used as your in-house executive search team.

Once we have agreed the best way to recruit your role and you have signed it off, we monitor response and keep you updated on progress. We sift the CVs and acknowledge everyone. Contacting by email the ones who meet the criteria, we then Skype/telephone interview, using our experience to listen to the candidates and evaluate them against agreed skills and personality criteria so they are a good match for you.

We sell your organisation to these candidates as everyone is a potential customer for you. The experience is quick and convenient-so no time off work for the candidate at this stage, we can also work anywhere in the country/world to do this as the evaluation is home based.

The shortlist is then sent to you by email on the pre-agreed date. You can either choose to see the information first or we can book these matching candidates into face to face interviews directly. We will also screen your internal candidates so everyone goes through the same recruitment process making it fair and transparent for all.

You interview, the format will have been agreed so we can brief the candidates fully on the format. When you want to offer we can do this too. You send out the offer letter.

We can obtain references if required we need to agree this from the start of the process.
We will keep in touch with the successful candidate until they join and regret all the unsuccessful ones giving them feedback that you have passed on to us. Some candidates you may want kept warm in case you have another similar role-we will do this too.

From brief to short list can be as quick as 14 working days depending on your requirements.

All the candidates belong to you so you can re-cycle them at any time; remember they wanted to work for your company.


Your FD and purchasing people will love us as we charge 10% of first years base salary on offer. This is for all levels whether Graduates or Directors. You also pay for the advertisements as the Candidates that are generated from them belong to you. You can re-cycle them whenever you want, so working with us on a long term basis, as most of our clients do, can save you more money.

We offer a full replacement for anyone who joins you from us up to 10 weeks. We are that confident they will stay. You may need to re-advertise if we do not have any suitable candidates from your original ads, which you will need to pay for.

We also charge an admin fee to cover placing the ads on your behalf and engaging with the candidates, this works out at an hourly rate and is costed upfront before we take the assignment.

Other services

Head Hunting/Search

Often you have a role and know of someone from a past organisation, or a member of your Company does, who you would like to join the team. It can be difficult and sometimes even unethical for you to approach them, we can do this on your behalf, confidentially in the first instance and gauge their level of interest. Then ensure they have the skills you seek as well as making sure they are happy with the package on offer before they need to know who has approached them. We can also engage in conventional Head Hunting using our researcher who will provide a contact list for you to agree our contacting prior to our doing so on your behalf. Costs are dependent on what you require, based on time taken.

Job Descriptions

Having spent many years writing and assisting line managers to ‘compose’ these, we are well placed to assist with this part of the recruitment process. If you need to have them evaluated for Hay then we can use this format or a simpler template.

Competency based interviewing training

We can run workshops to assist your line managers in asking the right questions and then listening/evaluating the candidate’s answers. These can be run for new or existing Managers and usually last about a day. These sessions will be tailored to your own company needs and requirements.

Recruitment events and open days

If this form of recruitment is appropriate, for example for a new opening, or when large numbers of people are required. Then it is important to choose the venue carefully, as junior candidates can be overwhelmed by an expensive hotel and conversely senior candidates under impressed if the venue is a job centre. Some screening is also necessary in our experience or everybody turns up at once and there are too few interviewers to see them. We can assist with the planning and execution of these events.


This is a very important part of any recruitment campaign and is vital in building a good reputation for your companies’ brand. We take this very seriously and always ask you to provide us with this to pass on to the candidates.

We also need feedback on our service and performance.
If you do not let us know what we can change or improve to help us work more in partnership with you, then we cannot improve, so we ask for a review meeting after each campaign.